El Paso Crash Sends Two to Hospital

According to Fox News, a car crash on the morning of September 4, 2013 in El Paso sent two people to the hospital. Police were investigating the accident, which involved a Mustang and a semi tractor-trailer. According to the reporting, the Mustang ran a red light and ended up running into the tractor-trailer.

The reporting further stated that the driver and passenger in the car involved in the accident were not facing life-threatening injuries, but they did suffer broken bones and cuts.

The truck driver wasn’t hurt and made the 911 call to alert police. The driver remained at the scene until the police arrived.

The wreckage was bad enough that the Jaws of Life had to be used to get the woman and her passenger out of their wrecked vehicle. According to the reporting, the woman reported that she was drinking before the accident to a police officer, but there was no information on whether charges were going to be filed.

Truck – Car Wrecks

Accidents involving semi trucks and passenger vehicles are oftentimes among the most deadly and dangerous of all. Passenger vehicles can sometimes end up sliding underneath a semi truck, getting pinned into a corner when the truck makes a wide right turn or, as in the case above, slamming into such a vehicle and being completely destroyed. In situations where the driver is liable, the people injured sometimes choose to sue the trucking company, the driver or other parties that may have been involved in negligence that led to the crash.