Keeping it Safe on Highway Ramps

Entering and exiting highways can be dangerous. Here are some tips to help keep you safe!

There were several accidents around El Paso on Wednesday. These include two minor crashes on I-10, one heading eastbound, and the other westbound. Each of these occurred at exit ramps, and another accident was reported at Loop 375 North at the Spur 601 exit ramp.
Entering a highway or leaving it calls for special care. Follow these simple steps to stay safe.

1) When entering a highway, follow the flow of traffic – Do your best to match the speed of traffic on the highway before merging.

2) Always use your directional – Whether you are entering or exiting, it’s always important to let other drivers know what you are doing ahead of time. Make use of your turn signals.

3) Get into the proper lane well ahead of time – When you are on a highway, and preparing to exit, get in the proper lane for doing so well ahead of time. This avoids dangerous last-minute changes.

4) Merge as smoothly as possible – You want to change the flow of traffic as little as possible when entering a highway. Do your best to bring your car into a gap in the flow of automobiles.

5) When in doubt, slow down – If you are entering a highway, and there is a car in the nearest lane, it is almost always best to slow down in order to merge.

Entering and exiting highways can be safety issues. But, these simple tips can help keep you safe.