May 2011 Newsletter

Some attorneys are smart, some attorneys are hardworking, at our firm you’ll find both – smart, hardworking attorneys. We work hard for our clients and never forget the client is the boss.

Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion Case Settled – Amount Confidential

At approximately 1:00 a.m. on November 5, 2009, our clients awoke to the roar of a 400 foot tall fire ball less than 100 yards from their home caused by the eruption of a 26″ natural gas line. As the family ran for safety, three of the four members of the family received burns.

Over the next year, two of our clients received skin grafts and scar revision surgeries. The family suffered through months of nightmares, reliving that night. Over the year-and-a-half since this incident we helped the family back on their feet.

We aggressively pursued their claim against the gas company that owned the line. From preserving the evidence at the outset to hiring first-rate experts to aid us in the case, we covered all the information in our search to prove the gas company’s negligence. The case recently settled for a confidential amount that will provide for the family’s future and allow them to complete the rebuilding of their lives.

Firm Settles Fibromyalgia Case for $145,000

Our client was 19 years-old when her vehicle was hit in a dormitory parking lot. It wasn’t till later that evening our client developed pain in her neck and back sending her to the emergency room. After months of treatment our client’s pain spread. After seeing some additional doctors, they diagnosed her with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes long-term, body-wide pain through the muscles, joint, and tendons.

We helped our client find treatment with a fibromyalgia specialist in Lubbock and hired a life care planner to evaluate our client’s future needs for this chronic condition. Through our aggressive litigation we were able to reach an outstanding settlement for our client.

“Why did the Cow Cross the Road?”

Our client was driving on Highway 67 near San Angelo in the early morning hours on his way to a job site. He was driving in the left lane when a black cow walked onto the roadway from the median, visible only seconds before impact. Our client suffered a neck injury that required surgery.

Through investigation we found out that the owner had hired a gentleman to transport the cow, along with other cattle to auction. We found out three of the owner’s cattle were lost during delivery. Two of the cattle were located but the last one, a black cow had not been found.

The case settled at mediation for $100,000 because we were able to show that the person hired to transport the cattle was negligent in the handling of the cattle.

Attorney Now Licensed in Oklahoma

Jason Medina is licensed to practice in Texas, New Mexico and now Oklahoma. Jason handles personal injury and wrongful death litigation for the firm. He has successfully handled a variety of cases including auto/truck wreck cases, gas plant explosions, oilfield and agricultural accidents and various on the job injury cases. See Jason’s biography online:
Jason Medina | Injury Lawyer