Why Motorcycles Crash

Motorcycles are a great hobby, but crashes happen. Here are the most-common reasons.

Odessa police have identified the man injured in a motorcycle accident, which occurred at the intersection of 16th street and West County Road. Mark Anthony Gomez was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a Dodge truck. He is currently listed in serious condition.
Here are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, and how to avoid them.


1) Failing to take a turn on country roads – Dirt, moisture, and sudden changes in the direction of a curve can be hazardous. Slow down before entering a turn, especially if you are not familiar with the road.

2) Not being seen at intersections – A motorcycle can be just a quarter or one-third as wide as a car. It’s easy for drivers not to see you. Be aware as you are approaching intersections, and enter them carefully.

3) Collisions while passing – Automobile drivers routinely underestimate the speed of a motorcycle, and may “punch” their gas, attempting to make you pull behind them. Don’t pass unless there’s lots of road to spare.

4) Skidding out of control – No matter what the weather conditions, the rider is ultimately responsible for keeping their motorcycle under control. Don’t attempt quick turns or speed changes during wet conditions.

5) Overconfidence – A majority of motorcycle accidents occur on dry roads, on sunny days. Don’t get overconfident – always ride safely.


Motorcycles can be great fun. Now you know the most common reasons for accidents on motorcycles – do your best to avoid them!