Odessa Man’s Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Following Crane Collapse

MIDLAND, Texas — 17, Dec. 2015 — Eseciel Uballe was killed Monday morning in Midland, Texas, when a crane fell over while unloading counterweights from an 18-wheeler truck. His wife, Cecilia Uballe, has hired Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP, to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Monday morning, Uballe, a Bison Trucking employee, drove an 18-wheeler truck to a Bison Trucking location on Highway 191 just West of Highway 349 to deliver counterweights for a mobile crane. While a crane was unloading the counterweights from the 18-wheeler truck, the crane fell over killing Uballe.

Uballe’s wife, Cecilia, has hired Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP, to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Her attorney, John Cook, said that they have asked for a temporary restraining order, as well, in order to preserve evidence. “The restraining order is the only way we can ensure that Bison Trucking does not change or alter any evidence. We need to be able to inspect the crane, the truck, and the scene in the same condition they were in when the collapse happened.”

In the lawsuit filed in District Court in Midland County Wednesday, Cecilia Uballe alleges both negligence and gross negligence on the part of the employer, Bison Trucking, for failing to train the crane operator, failing to institute safety procedures, and failing to supervise the crane operator. Cecilia Uballe is also asking for both economic and non-economic damages.

“This is a case where an employer failed to ensure the safety of its employees, and the result is a tragic loss of life. This lawsuit is about holding employers responsible for the safety of their employees,” Cook said. “Workers die at an alarmingly high rate in this area, and it’s always preventable. It’s just not right.”

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