Don Jenkins

Video, Graphic Arts & IT | Lubbock

Don has been a resident of West Texas since 1979. He and his wife Heather were married in 1994 and have 4 children. He spent 6 years at a regional television network based in Midland / Odessa where he was the post production manager. In 1995 he founded a production company in Midland, TX which he ran part-time until 1997. Taking his business full-time in 1997, he produced nationally televised programs, commercials, and corporate video’s for clients from Albuquerque, NM to Longview, TX. He provided video editing, 3D animation, and website design services to area production companies and advertising agencies. He now runs our Video and Graphic Arts Department. He works closely with experts to recreate accidents using 3D computer animation. Having these skills in house gives us a tremendous advantage in the litigation process.

Don is also the IT person for our four office locations and is responsible for keeping our computers, servers, litigation management database and network infrastructure up and running.

Direct: 806-776-1344