Three Killed and Two Injured in Albuquerque Crash

Three people were killed and two others were seriously injured when the vehicle all five passengers were in was involved in a crash while likely travelling faster than 100 miles per hour. The crash happened early Friday morning on Pennsylvania Street. The driver, David Bowie, and the front passenger, David Griffin, were soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss. They had met up with three women at a bar. Those three women were passengers in the back seat, Sondra Evans, Shieva Slowman, and Ivy Sanderson. The crash killed the driver, David Bowie, as well as Sondra Evans and Shieva Slowman. David Griffin and Ivy Sanderson were also injured in the crash.

Police believe that Bowie was showing off while driving, and could have been travelling in upwards of 100 miles per hour when he lost control of the vehicle, striking the curb, and launching the vehicle more than 300 feet into a golf course. Alcohol containers were also found at the crash site.

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