18-Wheeler Crashes into Car and School Bus

school busAn 18-wheeler crashed into a car and a school bus in East Texas Thursday evening, killing a coach and the driver of the 18-wheeler. The crash happened about 100 miles north east of Dallas, about 10 miles north of  Mt. Pleasant, Texas, and one mile south of Talco, Texas.

The truck was headed north on U.S. 271 when it swerved into the southbound lanes of the highway, striking the school bus, which was carrying the men’s track team for Mt. Pleasant ISD. The truck also struck a passenger vehicle, which was being driven by Angelica Beard, one of the assistant coaches for the women’s track team, killing her. The superintendent of Mt. Pleasant ISD said that the school bus driver, one of the coaches, was able to swerve the bus to avoid a direct, head-on collision. The women’s track team bus was several miles behind the men’s track team bus at the time of the crash.

The school bus was carrying 32 Mt. Pleasant ISD students and two coaches back from a track meet in Paris, Texas. The bus was about ten miles from its destination when the crash happened. Two coaches and 18 of the 32 students were injured in the crash, with one coach and one student being airlifted in severe condition to Parkland hospital in Dallas.

The driver of the 18-wheeler was 50-year-old Bradley Ray Farmer, of Bogard, Missouri.

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