Forklift injuries are particularly dangerous given the size and weight of a forklift. Often times people are crushed or run over by forklift operators who are not paying attention or are not following all the safety rules that apply specifically to forklifts. We have also seen several cases where a forklift operator causes people to fall or causes object to fall onto people because of careless operation.

Forklift litigation can be complex due to the large number of safety regulations that apply to forklift operations. The company’s safety policies and training materials are also examined to check whether they are adequate. One important factor, as with most personal injury claims, is to hire an attorney as soon as possible after a forklift injury so that evidence can be preserved. Sometimes companies or employers will transfer or sell a forklift that has been involved the day of or the day after an injury. An attorney, once hired, can send a preservation of evidence letter and even file a temporary restraining order to prevent the destruction or alteration of evidence. Our firm has a habit of visiting the site of an injury as soon as possible to collect as much evidence as possible, including photographs and gathering witness names for interviews or depositions later on.

Some workers who have been injured are hesitant to hire an attorney because they are fearful of retribution or firing by their employer. A injured person’s first priority should be to heal and follow doctor’s orders. Their second priority should be to preserve their legal rights by hiring an attorney because their employer has likely already done the same for themselves.

Our firm has handled several forklift injuries including a crush case for $492,419.79.*

*All Amounts listed are Net to Clients. Results obtained depend on the facts of each case.