Our lawyers represent individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries as the result of negligence, reckless or intentional misconduct. Traumatic brain injuries are prevalent. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that there are approximately 1.7 million TBI cases in the United States each year.
Traumatic brain injuries appear in a number of different ways. We have seen traumatic brain injuries in the form of the following, among others:

  • Brain contusions, which result when the brain is bruised
  • Subdural hematomas, which are blood clots between brain tissue and the Dura
  • Temporal injuries, which are injuries to the temporal lobe of the brain
  • Anoxic brain injuries, which occur when blood flow to the brain is disrupted

The brain is an exceedingly intricate organ. When the brain undergoes trauma, the body’s systems may be thrown into temporary or permanent disarray. The repercussions are as serious as you can image. Traumatic brain injuries can be debilitating, wiping out one’s ability to care for oneself or to earn wages to support one’s family.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, the dedicated, compassionate, and experienced attorneys at Glasheen, Valles & Inderman can help to ensure that your rights are protected. Our brain injury lawyers have extensive experience in hiring the best experts, including neurologists, to provide input as to the most appropriate medical treatment for you or your loved one following a traumatic brain injury. It is important to seek the advice of experienced attorneys to ensure that you receive the best medical care, but also to help you to recover just compensation for your traumatic brain injury.