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Flight Services

The firm's TBM plane
The firm’s Socata TBM plane

In many areas of litigation, responding diligently to court deadlines and to opportunities presented puts us one step ahead. Our attorneys and support crew often rely on the firm’s airplane service to meet deadlines. Because both Kevin Glasheen and Chad Inderman are licensed pilots, there is no need to hire a third-party pilot, making it that much easier to be anywhere in the country at a moment’s notice. This additional asset allows our attorneys and staff to fly anywhere at any time to immediately serve our clients and referring attorneys.

State-of-the-Art Technology Put to Use in Your Case

Our law firm is dedicated to serving our clients and is proud to provide our clients with the solutions and technology needed to aggressively prosecute a case. In order to maximize results for our clients, we produce our own in-house graphics and animations. We have an in-house state-of-the-art, digital video production studio. Our full time digital media producer, Don Jenkins has over 23 years of experience in video production. Below is a sample of work created for some of our past cases.

Drone Aerial Imaging

Our firm has a drone available for aerial photography and videography. With an FAA-licensed remote pilot on our staff, we can capture images from the unique perspective at a moment’s notice. We no longer have to rely on out-dated Google Earth images of intersections of accident scenes. We can now give the jury the best perspective of the layout of a scene. Our drone is capable of capturing video in 4K UHD resolution and 12 MP stills. It is also able to take several photos of a scene and stitch them all together, creating a large composite map of the area. We can even create elevation maps that show high and low areas of scene, which can be invaluable for proving things like visibility distances due to hills.

Resolution comparison between satellite and drone
Resolution comparison between satellite footage (left) and drone footage (right).

Elevation Map
Elevation Map of Accident Scene Showing Hills (Orange) and Valleys (Purple).


At Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, we know that it is important to get to the scene as soon as possible, before witnesses’ memories fade. We obtain court orders to enter premises and protect and preserve evidence. We can have our team of consulting engineers on the scene within hours of being hired on a case.

Medical Illustrations


Scene Illustrations

Work Site Illustration

Work Site Illustration 2

Oil Work

Scene Photographs