Referring Attorneys

Our firm is focused solely on representing clients with personal injury claims. Many of our clients were referred to us by other lawyers. Often a client will consult a lawyer who they know from past representation, or as a neighbor, friend, or through church. If that trusted lawyer does not primarily handle serious personal injury cases, that lawyer may refer the client to our firm for joint representation. The referring lawyer stays involved, and can help keep the client informed. The client gets the advantage of having a local lawyer who they know and trust, and the resources and experience of an established personal injury firm.

The client never pays additional fees for the referring attorney’s involvement. We divide fees with the referring attorney, and the client gets two law firms for the same fee. We appreciate the involvement of the referring attorney, because they usually have an existing relationship with the client, and often have local connections that can be valuable in preparing and presenting a case.

We are very proud of the fact that so many lawyers have trusted us to handle their major injury cases. A referral is our greatest honor our firm receives—greater than any award or other recognition. If you are a lawyer and have a client with a personal injury case, we welcome the opportunity to help. In fact, about one-third of our cases come from referring attorneys. Our law firm has great success in large part due to the trust placed in us by other attorneys. Our firm has the skills and experience to maximize the value of your client’s personal injury case. A quick look at our past results proves that we are more than capable of seeing a case all the way through trial and verdict. Additionally, in Texas, we have the resources available to advance reasonable and necessary living expenses to your client, and the case expenses necessary to develop the case. We can be part of a strong team and help your client go the distance.

Fee Sharing Fees Rules

Referral fees are still allowed in Texas and in New Mexico. Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct 1.04(f) requires that the contract provides for the division of the fees, that the division of fees be disclosed to the client and agreed upon in writing, and that the lawyers assume “joint responsibility” for the case. Joint responsibility requires the referring attorney to 1) choose a competent handling attorney, 2) monitor the legal work, 3) inform the client about “those matters that a reasonable lawyer would believe the client should be aware of,” 4) assist the handling attorney when necessary. See Comment 13 to The Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct 1.04(f).

Past Referral Fees Paid

Our firm has handled a large number of oilfield accidents, truck wrecks, and industrial accidents in Texas and New Mexico with referring attorneys. In addition to Texas and New Mexico, we have attorneys licensed in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

The following are some real examples of referral fees that our firm has paid referring attorneys:

Case Type & Injury Referral Fee
Gas Pipeline Explosion, Burn Injuries $833,333
Oilfield Truck Wreck, Multiple Fractures & Orthopedic Injuries $694,444
Oilfield Explosion, Burn Injury $624,000
Train Crossing, Brain Injury $547,223
Commercial Vehicle Wreck, Wrongful Death $466,666
Commercial Vehicle Wreck, Wrongful Death & Orthopedic Injuries $364,199
Oilfield Explosion, Wrongful Death $150,392

We welcome the chance to work with you and your clients. If you have a case you want to discuss, you can reach us at 888-970-1338 or by webform below. We aggressively prosecute our cases and have tremendous resources to bring to bear with thirteen attorneys, five offices, and a staff of 40. We have great working relationships with a variety of expert witnesses and are willing to invest the effort and the money to maximize the value of your client’s claim.