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A History of Results.

We’ve successfully represented clients throughout Texas and New Mexico, obtaining numerous seven and eight-figure results and jury verdicts along the way.

Our law firm’s philosophy is that a personal injury case should be prosecuted aggressively.

We have a record of substantial net-to-client recoveries including $13.5 million for a train wreck death case, $5 million for a motorcycle accident brain injury and $3.89 million for a gas pipeline explosion burn case.  These are representative cases because we believe experience and success qualify us to handle the most significant personal injury cases.

Our success is based on a few basic principles:

  • We believe that our referring clients and attorneys must be able to trust us. Those relationships are worth more than any fee we have ever earned.
  • We believe that we must have the resources available to do first-class work. We have a team of more than 40 staff, including an in-house investigator, videographer and graphic artist, a medical records department, a full-time pilot, and a drone pilot.
  • We hire the best expert witnesses available. We will invest the time, effort and money that a case needs.
  • We believe that our cases must be actively prosecuted. A lawsuit is not like fine wine: it does not improve with time. We conduct monthly case meetings with our entire staff to review our case list and ensure that each case is moving forward. We place all litigation files on a scheduling order with the court so that there is a trial setting with deadlines to move the case forward.
  • We believe that if you prepare a case for trial, it is more likely to settle, and if you prepare a case to settle, it is more likely to go to trial.
  • We believe that client communication is essential. We make ourselves accessible to our clients at all times. In most cases, our clients have our cell phone numbers so they can reach us anytime.

Lawyers have sometimes asked us, “How do you settle a case for $20 million?” The answer is: When they offer you $19 million, you turn it down and get ready for trial.

At our firm the client is the boss, and it is a privilege to work for the client. We give professional advice, but it is the client’s decision whether to accept a settlement or proceed to trial. Call for a free consultation at 866-492-2509 or contact us today!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Over 500 Five Star Reviews 4.9/5 |

“Communication is excellent and sincere. Very professional and attentive to the needs of the client!”

Alejandra Z.

“My experience was awesome!! I had a top-notch lawyer who had a top-notch crew!!”

Jaymazier T.