22-year-old woman killed by alleged drunk driver on Zaragoza Road in El Paso, Texas

A 22-year-old El Paso woman was killed in a car crash on Zaragoza Road near Vista Del Sol Drive on Saturday. The alleged drunk driver, Brian Anthony Gamero, was driving a PT Cruiser when he hit the back of a Mazda SX3 driven by Crystal Saldana early Saturday morning.

Gamero told police that he was being chased, by people who were trying to harm him, before he got into a crash that killed the 22-year-old women. According to court records, two months ago, Gamero was charged with reckless driving and evading arrest in a vehicle.

According to the latest Texas Department of Transportation statistics, in 2012 there were 17 fatal DUI crashes and 184 serious injury crashes in El Paso County.

When a drunk driver is involved in causing an accident, there is potential for the injured to recover not only actual damages for the loss suffered but also punitive damages to punish the offending driver. Information and evidence must be quickly collected, and an experienced attorney can help make sure no detail is left uncovered. Click to read more about how an attorney can help when there’s been a crash with a drunk driver.