Ask The Lawyer | How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid?


How do personal injury attorneys get paid?


Often potential clients may delay contacting a personal injury attorney following an accident due to uncertainty about payment.

First and foremost, we do not operate on retainers, which is often the misconception when seeking representation following an accident. Our personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency-based contract. We don’t get paid unless a recovery is made on your behalf. If we win, then we get paid based on the agreed percentage. If we don’t win, our clients don’t lose a penny.

Here at Glasheen, Valles, & Inderman Injury lawyers, consultations are always free. Following a major accident or catastrophic injury, we are here for you and our goal is to become “your” lawyer. That means getting you the medical care, treatment, and legal representation you deserve so you and your family can begin returning to normalcy following an accident.