The Complexity of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can sometimes be extremely complex. One of the complexities can involve figuring out who is precisely responsible for the injuries and damage that occurred that the plaintiff needs to seek compensation for.

Here’s just one example of this. In recent testing, it was found that a safety device used to protect cars from rolling underneath semis during rear end collisions was prone to failure during certain types of collisions. This was reported in the New York Times in March 2013.

If a vehicle was to slide underneath a trailer, causing injury or death during a rear end collision, who would be responsible? It could be the driver, as they may have stopped too suddenly without adequate warning or been parked in an area where they should’ve had reasonable suspicion that they could cause an accident. It could be the driver of the vehicle, who failed to keep a proper lookout and apply brakes and time. It could be the trucking company, if the right kind of guarding equipment was not installed on the truck or, if that guarding equipment failed, it could be the responsibility of the company that manufactured it.

Dealing with Complexities

Part of what personal injury attorneys do is investigate on behalf of their clients and figure out exactly who is responsible for whatever injuries or financial damages their client suffered. This can be a complex process and identifying the right defendant and going after them with a strong case means the difference between winning and losing these claims.