Fatal accident with industrial truck kills three people near Pyote

The Pecos Department of Public Safety reported that a fatal traffic accident occurred on Thursday evening in front of the old Pyote State School. Three people died at the scene and two were airlifted to medical care. A report from the DPS officials stated that a large industrial truck’s front left tire blew out causing the truck to swerve into the east bound lanes of Interstate 20.

A later report stated that the Western Star industrial truck was driven by Sergio Cervantes and Jime Nino was a passenger. Cesar Sarabia, Joey Duarte and Dominic Ramirez were in a 2012 Toyota pickup truck and were pronounced dead at the scene.


Common causes of tire failure on semi-trucks:

Defective tires – Defective tires may blow out or breakdown in a way that causes an accident- either causing the semi truck to lose control or the tire treads causing another driver to loose control.
Failure to maintain tires – Trucking companies and drivers have a responsibility to maintain their truck equipment and their tires.

Equipment failure such as blown tires create serious hazards for drivers on the roads. The trucking company and their drivers have a responsibility to maintain their trucks and do routine inspection checks. Unfortunately, we have seen all too often what happens when truck drivers put speed before safety.