Understanding Your Legal Rights and Steps to Take After an Oilfield Accident in Texas

Filing a Lawsuit After an Oilfield Accident in Texas

Few jobs are without their share of risks, but working in the oilfields is one of the most dangerous occupations of all. Whether it be the fumes, the heavy equipment, or the chance of a sudden fire, there are plenty of safety hazards to be aware of at all times. If you find yourself sustaining an injury while on the job, it’s just as important that you understand what you can do about it. This guide explores what to know about filing a lawsuit after an oilfield accident in Texas and explains the steps to doing so effectively.

Notify Your Employer of the Incident

To begin, you must report any injuries sustained in the workplace to your employer immediately. Though it isn’t within your legal ability to sue your employer directly, notifying them will begin the process of generating your workers’ compensation. From here, both parties can begin documenting information related to the event, and investigations into your claim can officially start.

Get Your Injuries Properly Treated

Next, make sure you get your injuries treated, regardless of how severe they are. Not only is this step vital to your health, but it also helps with further addressing the extent of the damage done by your employer’s alleged negligence. Get written proof of all the treatments you underwent and exactly how much each of them costed. These papers will help determine the amount you’ll be owed in compensation.

Acquire the Assistance of an Attorney

One of the most important things to remember when filing a lawsuit after an oilfield accident in Texas is that a personal injury attorney is your best resource. These professionals can provide you with their knowledge and experience in this form of litigation and can offer advice on everything from how to collect certain pieces of evidence to the best ways to preserve them. They’ll also make sure any necessary paperwork is taken care of and will represent you when it’s time to go to court.

Determine Your Entitled Compensation

Personal injury attorneys can help you calculate your total amount of entitled compensation as well. While your medical bills are a great place to start, you’ll also need to account for how long you’ll be out of work and what further resources you will need. Some of these things are difficult to place a monetary value on and, therefore, you’ll require a reference to convert them into numbers.

Getting the proper compensation for your work injuries isn’t something you should have to fight for on your own. This is why our team at Glasheen, Valles, and Inderman works hard to be your advocates during this trying time. Our Texas oilfield accident attorneys put their all into every claim, and—though the results depend on the facts of each case—we’re confident we can represent you well.