GVI’s Planned International Expansion to Iceland

Icelandic Flag

** Update ** This was an April Fools joke. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it and shared it! **

We are excited to announce our firm’s planned international expansion into Iceland. This has been in the works for many years, and we are happy to finally share our plans and ambitions with the public. When we first started looking to becoming an international firm, we spent a lot of time considering where would be the best first step. “After looking at several countries like Australia, England, Germany, and Mexico, it only made since to go with Iceland,” Senior Partner Kevin Glasheen said. “It’s a country of a population about the size of Lubbock County, where our firm began.”

Calling the move logical, Senior Partner Noe Valles said he excited about the opportunities Iceland offers. “They’ve got a lot of volcanoes.” Senior Partner Chad Inderman was also enthusiastic. “We have a history of helping people who have been injured in a variety of different circumstances. It only makes sense to extend that service to Iceland.”

Glasheen took some time to explain the intricacies and complications of moving into a country so far away and whose language is so unfamiliar to those in Texas and New Mexico. “There were so many things to consider, like salaries of employees. Do you know the exchange rate for an Icelandic króna to the U.S. Dollar? Neither did I, but now I do.” Speaking about marketing efforts, Glasheen said “We had to completely re-think every aspect of our business to cater to this new market. We had an English logo and a Spanish logo. Well now we’ve got an Icelandic logo.”


Glasheen also said that the office will have a different look than the five current offices. Rather than going with a traditional, wood-grained furniture like you’d see in the Texas and New Mexico offices, the Reykjavík office will be adorned with IKEA furniture. “But not the cheap stuff; the really good stuff,” Inderman said. “Look, we all know IKEA is Swedish, not Icelandic. But it’s the closest we could find for now.”

Glasheen elaborated on the types of cases the firm is hoping to sign up. “Slip-and-falls are an obvious choice, but we’re also looking into sledding dog bites, and volcano ash trespass claims.”

The firm plans on opening its first Icelandic office in Reykjavik, the country’s capital. We’ve tentatively selected Bergstaðastræti 9a, 101, as our office location, but because we have not finalized a lease, this location could change. Please check our web site and blog posts for further updates as they become available.

2016-04-01 08.48.032016-04-01 08.48.482016-04-01 08.50.13The employees of the firm were just as excited as the partners. “Is it upside down?” Sherry said as she posed for a photo with the Icelandic flag. “When do we get to take a firm-wide trip there for the open house?” attorney Nick Pena asked. “What type of drinks will be in the fridge there?” Gilbert wondered aloud. Surely this will be a eye-opening experience for many.



This was an April Fools joke. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it and shared it!