Lamps Recalled Due to Fire and Shock Hazard

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that Target is recalling threshold floor lamps due to a fire and shock hazard. According to the recall, consumers should stop using the product immediately unless instructed otherwise.

According to the recall notice, the name of the product is the White 2-Bulb Floor Lamp. It is being recalled because when a standard one way bulb is tightened into the three-way socket, a fire and shock hazard to consumers is presented.

Target can be contacted at 1-800-440-0680 between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM central time Monday through Friday. The retailer’s website can also provide more information.

According to the notice, Target had six reports of short circuits involving these lamps. Those short circuits involved two consumers receiving electrical shocks, some minor property damage and fires. The recall notice advises that consumers immediately unplugged the lamp and discontinue using it. Target will give a refund to any consumer who brings the product back for a return.

These lamps were manufactured by J. Hunt & Company in Bono, AK. They are actually manufactured in China, however. They were available exclusively at Target stores.

Recalled Products

Remember that it’s illegal to try to sell a recalled product. If you have been injured or have had your property damaged by a recalled product, you may wish to consider contacting a personal injury attorney, as many of them take product liability claims and can help people to seek compensation to pay for their damage and injuries.