March 2011 Newsletter

Our firm is actively working for our clients. Below is just a sample of the work we’ve accomplished for clients in the past few months. At our law firm, we work for the client, and we never forget that our client is the boss.

Collision with tanker-truck settled

Our 19-year-old client was driving to work early in the morning on the access road of Highway 20, near Odessa, when he came up to a stopped tanker-truck waiting to turn into a private driveway. Our client attempted to make a legal pass of the truck when the driver of another tanker-truck failed to yield the right of way and turned left in front of our client.

Our client suffered multiple injuries. We were able to resolve our client’s case in approximately 6 months. Although the case is resolved, we are still fighting hard to reduce the client’s hospital lien in order to maximize his recovery.

Slip & Fall Case settled

The firm recently handled a premises liability/slip and fall case that occurred in New Mexico.  As our client was exiting a business, she slipped and fell on ice that was present on the sidewalk in front of the exit.  As a result of the fall our client suffered a broken left ankle which required surgery.

Local Attorney turns to Glasheen, Valles & Inderman for representation

The firm recently handled an automobile collision case in which our client, a Lubbock attorney, suffered a sternum injury and a head injury. The firm sought to recover from two separate defendants as a result of the collision. The case was settled before trial with both defendants for a total of $400,000.

Firm wins Mandamus ruling at the 7th Court of Appeals

The Defendant in a car wreck case where our client developed fibromyalgia sought discovery of our client’s mental counseling records. These records, all created after the incident, contained very personal information regarding our client’s family relationships and upbringing. We objected to their production, ultimately winning a hearing on the defendant’s motion to compel their production after the Court reviewed them in camera.

Dissatisfied with the Court’s conclusion, the defendant filed a mandamus with the 7th Court of Appeals asking the appeals court to order the Judge to withdraw his previous ruling and order the records produced. After we wrote a response to the defendants’ writ of mandamus, the 7th Court decided without argument that the Defendant failed to show a right to mandamus because she could not show that without the records she was unable to present her defense.

We fight hard to make sure the insurance companies do not try to take advantage of our clients.

New Attorney in Lubbock Office

John Cook joined our firm after twenty years as a partner in the law firm of Cook & Cantacuzene, P.C. in Midland, TX. His principle area of specialty was criminal defense, with an emphasis in cases involving intoxication.  John has been lead counsel in over 150 jury trials with an impressive number of victories.  In the last eight years, he won more than ninety percent of the cases he tried.

John will be using his courtroom experience in our litigation department. He will be joining our four other litigation attorneys to aggressively represent our clients in court.