Multiple crashes at FM 1219 and 1776 in Ward County

Multiple crashes occurred in just over a week in Ward County at the intersection of FM 1219 and 1776. The most recent accident involved two 18-wheeler trucks rolling over. The accident was caused by one truck driver’s failure to yield and sent two people to the hospital, one person had to be airlifted.

Earlier this week, three people were killed and three others were injured when one of the drivers ran a stop sign in the same area.

Paying attention to traffic signs is an important part of being a safe driver.

Types of road signs according to the Texas Department of Transportation:

Warning Signs 

  • Are Yellow and Orange
  • Are Usually Diamond, Pentagons and Round Signs
  • They indicate unexpected conditions or changes

According to the Texas Driver’s Handbook: when you are approaching warning signs it is important to pay attention, follow instructions, and reduce speed to at least the posted construction zone and speed signs.

Warning signs alert the driver of road hazards, changes in direction, or some other situation you should know about. Not adhering to these signs may lead to a traffic ticket.

Regulatory Signs 

  •  Are red, black, and white
  • Are usualy triangles, octagons, and vertical rectangles
  • They display traffic laws

Drivers are required to follow all regulatory and warning signs in the same way it is required to follow traffic laws.

Signs that guide traffic

  • Are green, blue and brown
  • Are usually horizontal rectangles
  • Provide helpful or interesting information

Guide signs are especially helpful when you are driving in an unfamiliar area. They provide information such as: what road you are on, how to get where you are headed, and provide information to make the trip more enjoyable and less frustrating as some may find driving in an unfamiliar territory may be.

All traffic signs are important to follow and no one type of sign can be regarded as “unimportant.” All drivers are held accountable for reading and following road signs and not doing so can lead to traffic violations that adhere to the transportation code for either the local or state laws.