PRESS RELEASE — Lawsuit Filed Against Trinity Fellowship Church After Molestation of a Minor by a Volunteer Pastor

AMARILLO, Texas – The law firm of Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a minor child after the minor child was subjected to sexual abuse by a volunteer youth group leader at Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas. To protect the identity of the minor child and her parent, their names are withheld, and pseudonyms are used in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges:

Randy Castillo held a volunteer position at Trinity Fellowship Church and was referred to as “Pastor Randy.” Castillo is a resident of Winkler County, Texas but would travel to Amarillo to work as a volunteer pastor. Over an extended period of time, Castillo utilized his position in the church to interact with multiple young female attendees of Trinity Fellowship Church. Castillo not only made inappropriate communication with the minor child but sexually molested the minor on numerous occasions. Trinity Church was informed of Castillo’s inappropriate relationships with children he met through the church including information about Castillo’s requests for pornographic materials from young girls. Trinity Church never alerted authorities or parents, which allowed the abuse to continue.

The attorney for the case, Kevin Glasheen, said, “We sued Trinity Church because we have learned that the church had information about Pastor Randy asking junior-high-aged girls for nude pictures. The church failed to report that fact to any authorities or the parents of these children. The church instead allowed Pastor Randy to continue to participate in church activities. As a direct result of the church’s neglect, Pastor Randy was able to continue sexually assaulting my minor female client for months. The abuse didn’t stop until the victim’s mom found suspicious texts on her daughter’s phone and confronted her. We believe this conduct was not isolated to our client and ask that anyone with additional information including other victims please come forward and contact us.”

We also provide a PDF of the sexual abuse lawsuit and the petition that was filed.

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