Ask The Lawyer | Should I Consult An Injury Lawyer After A Big Truck Wreck?


Should I consult an injury lawyer after a big truck wreck?


One question that’s asked often is why should someone consult with a personal injury lawyer if they’ve been involved in a wreck with a big truck? Big truck wrecks might seem like car wrecks, but they can be quite different.

Because of the size and weight of the vehicle, trucking companies operate under a significant set of rules. There’s a large amount of evidence that has to be preserved on the front end following a crash. These big trucks will often have black boxes or data recorders, and those need to be obtained and downloaded. The evidence at the scene is, of course disappearing daily. So evidence preservation is of the utmost importance. Technology plays a large part in evidence preservation, as cell phone data and records can be obtained by a personal injury attorney.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney following a big truck wreck will help you preserve evidence as well as help you understand the next steps to take following your accident.