Pedro Leyva Awarded the “Up and Comer” Award at the 2024 Adelante Awards by Los Hermanos Familia

GVILAW’s would like to celebrate Senior Partner Pedro Leyva has been honored with the “Up and Comer” award at the 2024 Adelante Awards, presented by Los Hermanos Familia. This recognition is a testament to Pedro’s exceptional legal skills, unwavering dedication, and commitment to serving our community.

The Adelante Awards, organized by Los Hermanos Familia, celebrate individuals who have made significant contributions to their professions and communities. These awards highlight the importance of leadership, innovation, and community service. We are incredibly proud to see Pedro Leyva recognized among such distinguished nominees.

Personal Injury Lawyer Kenny Morris, Senior Partner & Personal Injury Lawyer Pedro Leyva, Personal Injury Lawyer Nick Peña standing together with Pedro's Up and Comer Award in hand.
(Left to Right) Personal Injury Atty. Kenny Morris, Senior Partner & Personal Injury Atty. Pedro Leyva, Personal Injury Atty. Nick Peña

A group photo of the 8 Award Recipients, including Pedro Leyva, sitting together at the Adelante Awards by Los Hermanos Familia Glass Trophy that reads, Los Hermanos Familia presents the 2024 Adelante (Awards Recognition by Los Hermanos Familia) Up-and-Comer to Pedro Leyva


At GVILAW, we encourage our attorneys to strive for excellence, and Pedro’s recognition as an “Up and Comer” is a testament to our firm’s commitment to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients and the communities we serve. This achievement is a source of pride for the entire GVILAW family, reflecting not only a personal milestone for Pedro but also our firm’s values and the high standards we uphold. Pedro’s well-deserved honor highlights his outstanding achievements and the bright future that lies ahead.

As we congratulate Pedro Leyva on this remarkable accomplishment, we invite you to learn more about the prestigious Adelante Awards and Los Hermanos Familia by visiting their official announcement. Contact us today to experience our award-winning legal services and see how we can assist you.