Ryan and Cody Castaneda Die in Bexar County From H2S Poisoning While Cleaning Crude Oil Tanker

Ryan Castaneda, 24, and Cody Castaneda, 23, brothers,  died Tuesday morning after inhaling H2S poisonous gas while cleaning a large crude oil tanker. Responders were called to the scene around 10:30 a.m. One man went inside the tank to clean it, but was overcome by the fumes. A second man then went inside the tank to help the first man, but was also overcome by the fumes. The second man collapsed just outside the tank, which was likely not ventilated. The incident happened at the 17600 block of Interstate 35 South near Lytle, Texas, which is about 20 miles southwest of downtown San Antonio. Both men were in their 20’s and employees of Pinnacle Truck Trailer & Rail.

Their family has started a online fundraising page to help pay for funeral expenses. “Ryan and Cody were full of life. They loved their families and friends. They were always together as children, teenagers and as adults were inseparable. The sky was no limit for them. They reached higher and worked harder in order to provide for everyone they loved. They were loved by all that knew them and were well known by their smiles that lit up the room which could be seen from miles away,” the page said. Both men were engaged and had children.

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