There are numerous injuries and fatalities in the oilfield each year. Our law firm has handled numerous significant West Texas and Eastern New Mexico oilfield cases.

Oilfield injury litigation is extremely complex, requiring specialized knowledge about the industry, equipment, personnel roles, company roles, and more. Our years of experience on numerous oilfield cases gives us the advantage when handling new oilfield cases. We know the relationships between the different parties that are present at a site. We understand the terminology and jargon specific to that industry. Most of all, we can rely on past cases to identify where problems are likely to occur and where to begin looking for answers. We can hit the ground running when hired on an oilfield case.

Our attorneys have handled various cases, including cases involving defective equipment, a case where mis-matched threads on a well head assembly that caused a pipe failure, a head-injury case where a casing came loose during casing operations, a case where drilling pipe was being stacked on the rig floor and crushed an oilfield worker, and a case where the wrong blow-out preventer was used leading to a fire at the well-head severely burning our client. We have the expertise and resources to aggressively represent cases.

There are often multiple parties in an oilfield location where an accident occurred. The company man, the drilling crew, a casing crew, wireline services, and roustabout crews might all be on one location. When an accident occurs, it is critical to determine the role each party played in the accident, and important to understand the legal relationships between the parties. There are often master service agreements that govern liability and insurance requirements. You need a lawyer who has experience dealing with complex, multi-party, oilfield litigation. We have that experience.

We have successfully prosecuted many oil field accident cases. To read the stories behind some of our past settlement and verdicts, go to our proven results page, including $3.89 million net-to-client for a gas pipeline explosion burn case, $2.5 million net-to-client for an oilfield spill chemical burn, $2.26 million net-to-client in an oilfield explosion head injury and $1.9 million net-to-client for a gas plant explosion death case.

*All Amounts listed are Net to Clients. Results obtained depend on the facts of each case.