Injured Factory Workers in New Mexico Can Get Help

If you work in a factory in New Mexico, and you’ve been injured, you should know your options. According to New Mexico Mutual, quoting New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Statute, “Section 52-1-29…states that a worker must give written notice, to his employer of an accident within 15 days (this is 15 calendar days including weekends and holidays) from the point [the] worker knew or should have known of the accident/injuries occurrence,” [1]. If you are injured at work, be sure to report your injury as soon as possible. If you have doctors’ bills, make sure to include them in with all of the details of the accident and injury.

In addition to this, you should know the laws in place that your employer must follow. For example, if your employer does not have a poster hanging in a publicly accessible and visible place that shows Section 52-1-29, then the period of time you have to report your injury automatically goes up to 60 days. If you are an injured factory worker in New Mexico, you absolutely need to know your rights.

Employers will do everything they can to keep from paying out workers’ compensation. Though they pay insurance for this kind of accident, they will fight to make sure their insurance premiums do not increase. The bottom line is, your employer may be fair, but they do not want to spend any money that they do not have to. Obtaining legal representation may be the only way to get compensation for your injuries.

A quick Google search will provide you with some leads. The Workers’ Compensation Administration provides a bilingual online handbook for injured factory workers [2]. However, deciphering all of the details without a legal background, especially if you are in a new country and are unfamiliar with the local laws. An attorney will be able to help you navigate your way to compensation for your injury.

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